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Family Planning

Family planning

Why we need Family Planning more than ever?

Even in the 21st century, unintended pregnancies and unplanned births wretchedly continue to shake a woman’s life and health in numerous distressing ways. The need of the hour is to acknowledge how her health and well-being are intricately linked to the well-being of the nation, her community and her home per se. In the wake of Sustainable Development Goals, Family Planning is one of the best investments for any nation to achieve and ensure gender equity and promote health and prosperity. Access to voluntary family planning is seen to work as a crosscutting contributor in reducing poverty, maternal and new-born deaths and has significant economic benefits for families and cities.

PSI India is at the helm of supporting the government through The Challenge Initiative India (TCI India) and FP program funded by CARE to reduce the burden of maternal mortality by working tirelessly towards increasing the uptake of voluntary basket of choice of family planning methods.

An unprecedented increase in modern
contraceptive prevalence rate is seen in urban
slums at 3.7% points

PSI India create a pool of "master coaches" within the system at the city level through a collaborative coaching and mentoring support with the government. The innovative concept of master coaches ensures the utilization of human resources, funds, service providers, infrastructure, equipment, supplies etc. available in the city. By adopting the project's high-impact practices, Mater Coaches play a critical role in sustaining the impact of this unique network under the TCI India project after graduation.

PSI India believe in Capacity Transfer through an enduring process of coaching and mentoring. PSI India under the TCI India project has adopted a "Lead, Assist, Observe" coaching model to strengthen the capacities of people working in the health-care system to implement high-impact practices by activating existing structures and making systemic changes. This strategy brings out a sense of empowerment and accountability among members of communities. Local ownership, we feel, is the key to ensure sustainability.

Under TCI India project, PSI India bring a core package of evidence-based, high-impact practices in an intervention city that has worked in previous family planning programs. These practices are provided in the form of a tool kit, which provides how-to-do guidance. Strongly committed and goal-oriented technical and coaching support is provided to the city government to implement high-impact practices within the public health system.

Each day, our team works tirelessly to add colors in the struggling lives of millions in need. With a steady resolve to bring quality life on the doorsteps of those who cannot afford it, we work on ground, sowing the seeds of opportunities in the homes of millions and ensuring that they grow and sustain into plants of peace and happiness and success stories.

You are the reason we continue and will continue to make a visible difference in the lives of many. Because you make us believe that helping hands are and always will be better than praying lips.

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