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Modern contraceptive prevalence rate increased in urban slums




Pharmacists mapped from Agra and Lucknow, UP


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Liter fecal sludge disposed at designated disposal centers in Pithampur, MP

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"I want to express my appreciation to PSI India for their exceptional collaboration on the 'Learning Document of Enrollment of Sanitation Workers under Social Security Schemes.' The thorough review by Pithampur Municipal Council (PMC) officials confirms the precision of the information. With its formal launch, this document becomes a crucial reference for PMC, and we are eager to share it with Commissioner UADD. I also want to thank PSI India, for their dedicated efforts in successfully enrolling PMC sanitation workers under the specified schemes."

Chief Municipal Officer, Pithampur Municipal Council, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

PSI India coaching improved data comprehension of our staff at 31 UPHCs. Now we deeply understand family planning indicators, can analyze data for efficient decision making and have regularized review meetings. We have also learnt data synthesis to address gaps in a timely manner.

Gurdeep Birla, former Divisional Urban Health Consultant, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

With PSI India’s coaching and mentoring support, Firozabad had taken a number of steps. We reaped benefits from those exercises at the time of COVID. During COVID-19 a decision was made to offer family planning services at district women hospitals (DWHs) every day. As a result, Firozabad’s DWHs saw a 418% increase in annual client volume for long-acting reversible contraception.

Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, Additional Chief Medical Officer, Nodal Urban Health, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh

For the first time in Indore, all health facilities have been mapped with a defined catchment area. This has helped in uncovering the left out and underserved areas. As a result, Madhya Pradesh saw an 18% rise in immunization data within a short span of four-months. The credit of this magical transformation goes to PSI India.

Dr. Pravin Jadia, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

With the support of PSI India, we rolled out Fixed Day Static (FDS) in a staggered manner across 52 UPHCs and 8 UCHCs. This resulted in electrifying increase in overall FP users, motivating us to expand FDS to all rural and urban PHCs across all 75 districts, in the form of ‘Antral Diwas’.

Dr. Narendra Agarwal, Former Chief Medical Officer, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Each day, our team works tirelessly to add colors in the struggling lives of millions in need. With a steady resolve to bring quality life on the doorsteps of those who cannot afford it, we work on ground, sowing the seeds of opportunities in the homes of millions and ensuring that they grow and sustain into plants of peace and happiness and success stories.

You are the reason we continue and will continue to make a visible difference in the lives of many. Because you make us believe that helping hands are and always will be better than praying lips.

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