I was very worried about my pregnancy till Asha came along…

It was a routine weekly visit; FPAs usually met ASHAs in small groups to coach them in developing the planned journey cycle (PJC) using data from the urban health index register (UHIR), better known as the ASHA diary. ASHAs were also encouraged to include visits to nonusers of FP in their weekly PJC, reassurance and reminder visits to users of Anatra and IUCD, as well as supply replenishment visits to users of condoms and OCPs.

The MOIC gently counselled her about the risk of aborting an almost five-month-old foetus; he also asked Usha’s husband to come to the UPHC for a joint counselling session.

A detailed discussion followed, wherein the MOIC, Asha and the FPA explained the pro’s and con’s of taking the pregnancy forward. They assured Usha she was in safe hands with Asha and explained how a meticulous antenatal care schedule would be developed to ensure she had a safe pregnancy. The FPA also coached Usha on the antenatal care schedule for Usha for good measure. Together, they also visited Usha’s house to counsel her first-hand on the importance of prenatal care, including medicines she was advised (vitamins, iron, calcium, etc.). The Samagra team worked with Asha to ensure Usha received antenatal care at the urban health and nutrition day (UHND) designated for the purpose.

All the meticulous planning and pre-natal care bore fruit when, on June 8th, 2021, Usha gave birth to a healthy baby. Soon after discharge from hospital, she was visited by the Samagra team to make sure she and the new born were well. Meanwhile, Asha visited Usha regularly at home to follow-up on her ante-natal care; she also took the opportunity to counsel Usha and her husband on family planning options available for them, including long-term methods like IUCD, Antara, vasectomy, and tubectomy.

Usha opted for tubectomy since she already had four children to look after and both she and her husband were clear they did not want any more children. Supported by Asha’s, Usha underwent the procedure in the first week of September, 2021, and says she is now looking forward to providing the best care and education to all her four children.

From assisting a high-risk pregnancy to guiding young mothers on breastfeeding, nutrition, family planning, and safe hygiene practices, Samagra is coaching ASHAs and ANMs to help women in Indore look forward to a healthier tomorrow.

As they suspected, the pregnancy test came back positive - Usha was carrying
a four-and-half-month-old foetus. Hearing the result, Usha was inconsolable
and became insistent she wanted to abort the pregnancy.

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